How to Rent

Call Executive Director David Asbell at 805.679.6001 for availability, rental estimates and all other rental information.

Lobero Theatre stage rates

Effective 12/01/13

Standard Performances

The below rates are for performances and concerts with the audience in the auditorium and the performance is on stage. The areas of the theatre that are included are the stage, auditorium, dressing rooms, rehearsal hall, and lobby areas. This rate includes basic lighting (area or wash style lighting with “lights up” and “lights down” cues), basic sound (general PA speaker system, playback, microphones and stands) and the advance services of the Technical Director. This rate also includes engagement of the box office and the advance services of the Box Office Manager.

They DO NOT include charges for additional theatre personnel, additional sound and lighting equipment for more complex performances, courtyard/reception fees, or “Other Charges” as listed.


Performance rate:

One performance day                                                                                              $2,100.00

Two performance day                                                                                              $3,150.00


Non-Performance rate: (rehearsals, set-up, etc.)                                                   $1,050.00


Lectures/Film rate: (not to exceed 4 hours)

Ticketed event                                                                                                           $1,500.00

Non-ticketed event                                                                                                    $2,100.00


Other Charges

Front of house staff and cleaning fee:

Includes house manager, ushers and post show cleaning of auditorium – $150/performance


Additional in-house lighting equipment charges (if needed):

Area or wash style lighting that requires the programming of multiple lighting looks – $300/day or $600/week


Renter supplied light plot that requires changes to the house rep lighting plot – $750.00/week or any portion of a week.


Additional in-house audio equipment (if needed):

Full use of basic sound system with sound mix desk moved into the auditorium – $300/day or $600/week

Full use of basic sound system with sound mix desk moved into the auditorium and/or use of onstage monitor system – $750.00/week or any portion of a week.


Other house equipment:

Follow Spots – $100.00 per performance

Dance Floor – $150.00 per week or portion of a week

Steinway “D” Grand Piano – $300 first day and $150/each additional day

Steinway Spinet Piano – $100/day – $300/week

Piano Tuning (Pianos must be tuned by Lobero tuner only) – Market rate

Video projector and front projection screen – $200/day or $500/week




The Lobero Theatre will retain a sales commission of 10% of gross sales for all CD’s and 15% of gross sales for all other items (books, shirts, posters; stickers; etc.) sold during a performance.

If you would like the Lobero to provide a seller, we will provide one for an additional charge of $40.


ASCAP and BMI Rights:

Any show that includes music is subject to BMI/ASCAP fees and will be charged this fee by the Theatre. The Theatre in turn will pay the fee to the appropriate agency. Exceptions will be made to those showing proof of their own BMI/ASCAP licenses.


Box Office Charges

Ticket Printing – $.10 per ticket printed.

Credit card charge – 4% of gross credit card sales

Series Processing – $6.00 handling fee will be charged on all series tickets orders.

Postage & Handling – $1.00 postage fee will be charged to any customer requesting their paid ticket order be mailed to them.

Telephone Convenience Charge – $2.50 per ticket telephone convenience charge will be charged to the customer on all telephone orders.

Online Order Fee – $5.00 per order online fee will be charged to the customer on all online orders.


Complimentary Tickets:

The Lobero Theatre Box Office will handle 50 complimentary tickets per performance as part of its normal box office service. During each production run, the Lobero Theatre will handle complimentary tickets not to exceed 50 times the total number of performances. More than this number will be charged to the promoter at $1.00 per ticket.


Facility Fee:

A “facility fee” will be charged on all sold tickets, the proceeds of which will be placed into a special account to maintain the Lobero Theatre as one of California’s Registered Historic Landmarks. The facility fee is $2.00 for all ticketed events with a ticket price of twelve ($12.00) dollars or less. The facility fee is $4.00 for ticketed events over twelve dollars. This fee will be added to the ticket price and charged to the customer, not the promoter. All advertising connected with the scheduled event must include a statement regarding this “facility fee.”


Deposit requirements

A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm a reservation.  Standard arrangements are:


  • Upon contract signature                                                               50% of total estimated rental
  • Second installment 30 days in advance                                         50% of total estimated rental


If tickets are not to be sold for the scheduled event, a deposit payment of all estimated costs in advance is required. If a scheduled date is cancelled, refund of deposit will not be made.


Insurance requirements

A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required showing the amount of coverage carried, term, and stipulation that the Foundation is included as an additional insured. Minimum coverage required by the Lobero Theatre is $2,000,000 combined single limit bodily injury and property damage coverage.


Courtyard and Reception charges

When renting the Theatre, the Courtyard may be rented for an associated reception or party at the rate of $400.00 per day. Additionally, the Courtyard may be rented for weddings, receptions and other events at a rate of $600.00 per day. Further, the service of our Hospitality Coordinator is required for all Courtyard events at a rate of $28.00 per hour. (Courtyard standing room capacity is approximately 200)

A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for courtyard events showing the amount of coverage carried, term, and stipulation that the Foundation is included as an additional insured. Minimum coverage required by the Lobero Theatre is $1,000,000 combined single limit bodily injury and property damage coverage. Further, if alcohol is to be served during the event, the Lobero requires General Liability Coverage with Host Liquor Liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Use of the Rehearsal Hall comes with rental of the Theatre. Additionally, the Rehearsal Hall is available for rehearsal space and classes. Rates include room set up only. Arrangements can be made for long-term rental at a discount rate subject to availability.

Basic Rental: – $40.00 per hour


Receptions and special events held on the Lobero Stage


Special event rate:                                                                                   $2,500.00 per day

Special events such as weddings, corporate events, galas and benefits that are held on the Lobero stage (accommodates up to 150 people ) and include the auditorium, lobby, restrooms, courtyard, rehearsal hall, esplanade and sound and lighting equipment.


Work Rules:

As a renter of the Lobero Theatre, you are party to the contract between the Lobero Theatre Foundation and Local 442 of the stage hands union (IATSE).  It is the Lobero Theatre Technical Director’s responsibility to implement that contract as it applies to your production.  Some of its conditions and explanations of how they apply to you are explained below.

The contract applies to all employees (paid or unpaid) working anywhere on the theatre property who are engaged in any form of stagecraft, e.g.:  lighting, rigging, sound, carpentry, painting, projections, flies, wardrobe, and truck loading and unloading.  The contract does not cover stage managers, designers or their assistants so long as they are not engaged in any covered activities.


  1. Stagehands are paid hourly for all hours worked from the moment the building is made available to you until it is closed when you leave.
  2. Stagehands are paid time and a half for all hours worked under the following conditions:  after 8 hours in one day, after 40 hours in one week, between midnight and 8am, after 5 hours without a 1 hour meal break, during the setup for recording or actual recording (audio, video or film) of any activity.
  3. Stagehands are paid double time for working on any of the following 8 recognized holidays:  New Years Eve after 5pm, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve after 5pm, and Christmas Day.
  4. Stagehands are paid slightly extra for rigging and construction work.


  1. With a few very specific exceptions, the contract requires a minimum of 2 union stagehands for all onstage events.
  2. The contract requires a minimum work call of four hours, i.e. any work call of less than four hours will be billed as a full four hours. Any continuation call after more than a two hour break is considered a new minimum four hour work call.
  3. All performances (more than 25 people in the audience) are billed at a flat rate equal to 4 hours pay.

Please Note:  All fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.

Additional Equipment for Rent